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Our Mission

Jos. Hansen’s current delivery programme concentrates on areas which are particularly important

for the development of economic and social infrastructure such as water, agriculture and, industry.

We offer complete water supply systems, including industrial borehole drilling, water and wastewater treatment, civil / intake works, distribution networks, water storage tanks, industrial pumps supply and installation, valves, plumbing services to individual, industries, institutions and on a turnkey basis to primarily governmental, municipality or public utilities. Other services offered include pipe technologies and water management services of superior quality and value.

Our Company

The need for potable water in Nigeria inspired Jos. Hansen to develop engineering expertise and to work as a main contractor to carry out water supply and sewage projects for cities and industries. Within the last 65 years, more than 300 projects have been completed successfully.

Overall, Jos. Hansen has structured its business in 6 different divisions:

Machinery and Industrial Equipment

Water Extraction – Borehole Drilling and Intake Structure

Storage Tanks

Pumps, Valves and Pipes

Energy Industry Solutions

Water Engineering

With our dedicated and well-qualified staff, we provide our clients with professional service that covers almost every need.

Jos. Hansen is one of the key players in the field of well-known and experienced contractors for turnkey water supply systems and sewage plants.

Our Team

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Mr. Des Braithwaite


Mr. Marc Hasenclever


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