About us

Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Nigeria) Ltd., Lagos, Nigeria



Jos. Hansen Group was established in Hamburg, Germany in 1919. During the following decades, Jos. Hansen founded several subsidiaries located in East and West Africa, namely in Ethiopia, Kenya, Malawi, Nigeria, Rwanda, Tanzania, Uganda and Zambia.

Jos. Hansen & Soehne (Nigeria) Ltd., was founded on April 1, 1955 with workshop and ware-house, located on our own property along Ikorodu Road in Ojota, Lagos.


Pump Department

Our core business is the import and sale of Pumps and Pump Products. We further provide door delivery, installation of all supplied equipment, after-sales-service and maintenance of all installed pumps.

Our main brand is KSB German high quality pumps. We offer as well other pump brands and of course our maintenance services is rendered also to already installed systems.


Water Engineering Department / Borehole Construction

With our highly experienced and professional Workshop staff, our local Sales and specialized Water Engineers also provide complete water engineering services and solutions. After conducting geophysical surveys, we are executing borehole drillings, borehole installations, borehole servicing, water treatment plants and construction as well as installation of elevated water tanks with optional solar powered pumps on a turn-key-basis.


Jos. Hansen Group

In addition to the aforementioned daily business the Jos. Hansen Group uses its specialized expertise in water engineering to design, construct and install complete water treatment and sewage plants all over Nigeria and other African countries. Those Projects are being supervised by our Headquarter in Hamburg, Germany in close cooperation with our fully owned civil construction company JR Internatinal Bau GmbH, Munich, Germany and executed by the subsidiary in the relevant African country.


Trade Department

Besides our water related business, Jos. Hansen Group is also trading with following products mainly sourced from Europe, but also from other worldwide suppliers and manufacturers:

  • Surveying and Geophysics Instruments
  • Conference Systems
  • Research, Education, Health, Agriculture Equipments and Consumables
  • Machinery and Industrial Equiopment
  • Firefighting Vehicles and Equipment
  • Airport Equipment
  • Photovoltaic Equipment
  • Renewable Energies Systems
  • Pumps, Valves and Pipes

Installation, Training and After-Sales-Service can be arranged either by ourselves or through professional staff of the manufacturers for all aforementioned products.


In accordance with our Group policy we maintain a high standard of quality which has not only an impact on the selection of the manufacturers of the goods we supply to the end-user, but also to ensure a higher lifespan of the supplied equipment and a better satisfaction of our client.