With our Borehole Video Camera System for Borehole  Inspection we offer: 

  • Inspection of Boreholes and Wells in general        

       - from diameter DN 10 to DN 500
       - up to a depth of 400 meters
       - High Resolution Picture and Video recording for detailed periodic and post-service inspection reports

  • Periodic inspections to determine existing well conditions and perform preventative maintenance
  • After service inspections to verify cleaning, repairs, track well conditions and ensure compliance
  • Locating and retrieving lost tools
  • New construction inspection to display the quality of work and offer customer assurance
  • Ground water monitoring to determine quality, mineral conditions, geological strata etc.

boreholecamera_view1.jpg  boreholecamera_view2.jpg  boreholecamera_view3.jpg           borehole_inspection2.jpg  borehole_inspection3.jpg  borehole_inspection1.jpg